On NTV - the Russian version of the world-famous format The Masked Singer - the third edition of the popular show MASK. In the most intriguing vocal duel, the stars of show business came together: singers, actors, showmen, presenters and athletes, whose identities were kept in the strictest confidence. The participants appeared in incredible costumes and masks, created individually for each contestant. And viewers spent several months unraveling the most guarded secret of Russian television: who is behind the mask?
  • Question:
    Eugene, why did you choose the Amanita mask?
    Evgeny Dyatlov
    I was offered several sketches to choose from. Among them, I remember the Snail's costume - a huge one, with a house on wheels. At first I wanted to take it, because it is difficult to dance in it. I thought: "Well, where should I dance, I'm not a boy anymore." There was also an Ant, but he was sitting tight on the figure, for this one would have to prepare separately. And suddenly I saw a fly agaric. In reality, the costume turned out to be as chic as in the picture. I, as a theater actor, see with what love, how soundly and with what imagination it is made. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail - bravo to the costume designers!
  • Question:
    Did you easily agree to participate in the "Mask"?
    Evgeny Dyatlov
    - At first, I was not very interested in The Mask, but later I was greatly impressed by the performance of Stas Piekha in the image of Tumbler. I was so used to seeing him in a completely different musical image that I was very surprised to find out that it was he who was hiding under the mask. It seemed to me that he was already completely determined and had long shown everything he was capable of. Participants of the "Mask" can try something that they would never have allowed themselves under some other circumstances. Therefore, when I received an offer to perform in the 3rd season, I accepted. "Let's see what I can do," I said to myself.
Studio work
Audience reaction
Evgeny Dyatlov Smotriny
"Three Chords" are thematic concerts dressed in a competitive form, where theater, film and pop stars present their own interpretations of cult hits in the genre of chanson and author's song to the audience.
These are unexpected images and live singing, songs for every taste and spectacular numbers, soulful music and a festive mood.
During his participation in the project, Evgeny Dyatlov performed with the
Red Square Band led by Konstantin Gorbatenko:
"She was the first", "Smotriny", "Spring Blues", "Jewish tailor", "If I get sick", Evgeny "My friend is better the blues plays everyone" with Ksana Sergienko,
"Once I walked along the avenue with Manka", "On the tundra, on the railroad", "When we were at war", "Beautiful Love".
From the reviews of the show viewers about Evgeny Dyatlov:
"The powerful energy of this man is simply amazing, and his acting talent is mesmerizing. Accurate hit in the image, lack of pretense, natural behavior on stage make his performances exciting and unique."
Evgeny Dyatlov received a high award from the editors of radio "Chanson" and a prize of audience sympathy from radio listeners.