Evgeny Valerievich Dyatlov
was born on March 2, 1963 in the city of Khabarovsk.
In 1971, after the death of his father, his mother transported Zhenya and her brother to Nikopol, where Yevgeny graduated from high school and received a musical education.
Studied at Kharkov University at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology (French).
From 1981 to 1983 he served in the Soviet Army.
In 1986 he entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. N.K. Cherkasova. All the years, in parallel with his studies on the course of AN Kunitsyn, he played in rock ensembles. He graduated from LGITMiK with a degree in drama and cinema in 1990.
Trained at the Theater Center. Eugene O'Niel Theater Center, USA.
In 1990, Evgeny Dyatlov became a laureate of the Yakhontov All-Union Competition of Readers, held in Leningrad.
In 1990 - 1991 he played at the Buff Theater.
In 1992 - 1997, Evgeny Dyatlov was an actor of the St. Petersburg State Youth Theater on the Fontanka;
since 1998 - at the St. Petersburg State Theater of Satire on Vasilievsky Island. Evgeny Dyatlov played the main roles in the performances "Dangerous Liaisons" by C. de Laclos, "Don Juan" by J. B. Moliere, "Vertep" by F. Sologub, "The Last Victim" by A. N. Ostrovsky, "Macbeth" by V. Shakespeare - at the Theater on Vasilievsky; played Shervinsky in the play "Days of the Turbins" based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov - at the Youth Theater on Fontanka, Svidrigailov in the play "Crime and Punishment" - at the Moscow Art Theater (Moscow).
Eugene has starred in many films and television series: "Kopeyka", "Black Raven", "Hunt for Cinderella", "Sea Knot", "National Security Agent", "May 1", "Gangster Petersburg", "Deadly Force" , "Lady Victory", "Brothers", "Secret Missions", "Echoes from the Past", "White Guard", "Chkalov", "Life and Fate", etc. Dubbed Edward Norton in the film "Fight Club, Ben Affleck in the movie "Pearl Harbor", Steve Buscemi in "Monsters, Inc.", Martin Scorsese in "The Submarine" and many other actors.
Evgeny's vocal abilities are used in the films: "The Scavenger", "Space as a Premonition", "The Life and Death of Lenka Panteleev", "Streets of Broken Lanterns", "Destructive Power", "Black Raven", "Girlfriend Autumn", "White Guard" and many others.
He was the host of the documentary series "Age of Cavalry Guards", which consisted of 10 films and was broadcast by the State TV and Radio Company "Culture". Host in the documentary program "Investigative labyrinth" on the TV channel "Zvezda".
Finalist of the show on the first channel "King of the Ring" and, together with Diana Arbenina, "Two stars-2." It is known to viewers from live TV programs - "Came to us ..." (A minor TV channel, NTV-plus) and 100% sound (100 TV channel).
Took part in the programs "Romance of Romance" on the channel "Culture". He sang in concerts in memory of Andrei Petrov, Yuri Saulsky, Yuri Vizbor, Arno Babadzhanyan, Mikael Tariverdiev….
The artist owns violin and guitar, has a beautiful, rare timbre baritone. The unique chamber manner of performing songs and romances that sound in performances and television films with his participation, as well as in concert halls, invariably attracts the audience.
In 1997 - 2000, Evgeny Dyatlov performed with Oleg Pogudin; they jointly recorded the disc "Turquoise, gold rings". In addition to the joint disc, Eugene recorded two more: "Portrait" (2003) with a program of romances and "Night" (2004) - folk songs.
Currently, Evgeny Dyatlov sings at the best concert venues: BKZ Oktyabrsky (St. Petersburg), Concert Hall. P.I. Tchaikovsky, Moscow International House of Music, Variety Theater (Moscow), Opera and Ballet Theater (Voronezh) and other cities. Evgeny performs with the AkadeM-Quintet ensemble under the direction of Nikolai Krivoruchko.

Honored Artist of Russia (2007)